In Papua New Guinea, village leaders reach into their past to revive a canoe-launching ceremony, while embracing a modern strategy of lawsuits to stop a nickel mine that plans to dump its toxic waste directly into the sea. Around the world in Alberta, Canada, First Nations people bear witness to the changes brought by 40 years of tar sands mining near their river — post apocalyptic lakes of toxic sludge, deformed fish, and myriad heath problems including rare cancers linked to petroleum. Capturing these indigenous communities as they resist the destruction of it culture and nature, Profit and Loss includes candid interviews with local activists and rare scenes of tribal life and cultural practices that reveal the significance of the communities’ sacred sites and the threats confronting them. This is the second of four films by the Sacred Land Film Project, in a series that investigates the cataclysmic environmental crises of our time – global warming, loss of cultural and biological diversity and the irreversible effects of the exploitation of land. The Standing on Sacred Ground series is directed and produced by Christopher (Toby) McLeod. Narrated by Graham Greene.

Standing on Sacred Ground: Profit and Loss

2013 PG 57 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Documentary
Topic: Climate Change, Energy & Resources, Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Global Perspectives, Sustainable Living