Inside the guarded perimeter of Svalka, a hellish junkyard on the outskirts of Moscow, a dogged yet vibrant community ekes out a life, dreaming of escape. Filmmaker Hanna Polak follows Yula, a child of the Svalka, through fourteen years of travails and small joys: we meet her at age ten, a bright anomaly in a desolate world, and watch her fight her way towards independent adulthood. Something Better To Come is at once an incisive account of environmental and social desolation in contemporary Russia and a timeless story of the persistence of the human spirit.


Directed by Hanna Polak. Produced by Sigrid Dyekjaer and Hanna Polak.

Something Better to Come

2014 DK, PL 110 min
Festival Year: 2016
Types: Documentary
Topic: Global Perspectives