This magic realist documentary about invisible elves, financial collapse, and the surprising power of belief follows Ragga, a grandmother and “seer” who has the ability to communicate directly with a parallel realm of elves — invisible spirits of nature that over half of Iceland believes in. When the elves enlist Ragga to speak on behalf of nature under threat, she begins a journey to protect a lava field set to be razed by road construction — just one of the many needless projects in the wake of Iceland’s financial meltdown in 2008, driven by the “invisible hand of the free market.” Through Ragga’s story, the film explores the invisible forces — be they elves or the market — that shape our world and transform our natural landscapes.

The Seer & The Unseen

2019 US, IS 84 min
Festival Year: 2021
Director: Sara Dosa
Types: Documentary, Feature, Watch Now
Topic: Conservation, Development & Built Environment, Global Perspectives

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