The story of who we are needs to change and the gateway for this change is our reconnection with the natural world. This short film explores how the widespread anxieties and lack of purposefulness of modern life are deeply rooted in our physical and spiritual distancing from the natural world. Our overarching goal is to create works of art that will be both impactful and transformative, telling stories that celebrate the sacred power of being in Nature while inviting viewers to partake in new adventures toward self-growth and emotional flourishing. The Seekers will be a manifesto for a new worldview, one that engages forward-looking thinking on human flourishing and cultural development with ancient wisdom about our connection to Nature as a sustainable path to our species’ survival on a fragile planet.

The Seekers

2022 US 12 min
Festival Year: 2023
Director: Pete McBride
Types: Documentary, Short, Watch Now
Topic: Adventure

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