Takes the viewer into the unseen world of living microscopic plankton. It is a voyage into a secret universe, inhabited by alien-like creatures. These stunningly beautiful, very diverse and numerous organisms are unknown to most of us, because they are invisible to the naked eye. However, they are wandering beneath the surface of every water around us. They play an important role in the production of oxygen, the aquatic food web and the carbon life cycle.

Jan van IJken filmed the plankton through his microscopes, revealing the beauty and delicate structures of the minute organisms in the finest detail. The film is without any voice-over or explanation. Renowned Norwegian artist Jana Winderen made a sound composition for the film. She recorded sounds of all kinds of aquatic creatures, waves, ice-bergs, etc.


2021 US 15 min
Festival Year: 2022
Director: Jan van IJken
Types: Documentary, Short, Watch Now
Topic: Freshwater & Oceans

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