Where have we gone wrong? Why has the death rate from heart disease and cancer exploded in recent times? Why are the ice caps melting, the oceans dying and the forests being cut down as we produce the food necessary to support our burgeoning populations? Against a backdrop of colorful and delicious food grown by organic farmers and prepared in the kitchens of world-famous chefs, PLANEAT for the first time brings together the ground-breaking studies of three prominent scientists who have made it their life?s work to answer these questions.This powerful documentary film inspires us to make the right food choices; ones that can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, protect our environment and make our planet sustainable while celebrating the joys of food. Directed by Shelley Lee Davies and Or Shlomi.


2010 US 71 min
Festival Year: 2010
Types: Documentary
Topic: Climate Change, Sustainable Living