Chile’s history is inseperable from its waterways. Its 2,670-mile-long coastline encompasses the world’s largest archipelago, and the waters that flow through it contain the memories of an entire nation: the lost voices of the indigenous Patagonians, the conquests of the first colonizers, and the ghosts of political prisoners drowned during the Pinochet presidency. With his singular lyricism, Patricio Guzmán summons these stories from the water, demonstrating the deep interconnection between the natural environment and the events that take place with in it.


Directed by Patricio Guzmán and produced by Renate Sachse, Adrien Oumhani, and Verónica Rosselot.

The Pearl Button

2014 CL, FR, ES 82 min
Festival Year: 2016
Types: Documentary
Topic: Freshwater & Oceans, Global Perspectives, Parks and Protected Areas