Selina Asekon Chumchum always started her day the same way, by chasing the chickens off the roof of her modest hut just outside of Lokichar, Turkana — her ancestral home. That was, until one morning large trucks started filing by. UK based Tullow Oil had actually struck oil and was — without consultation — building oil drilling facilities across the region.

When the new “development” came to light, there was much discussion about whether oil wells would actually help Turkana. There was the promise of jobs, schools and (most-importantly) water points. But locals had heard that oil had created conflict in countries like Nigeria and Angola. Would oil create more help than harm?

Chumchum moves to mobilise the women in her area to ensure that together their voice is heard; despite resistance from the men in their community, they continue to oppose the corporation that threatens to snatch away their sovereignty and way of life.

Oil and Water

2020 US 14 min
Festival Year: 2021
Director: Anjali Nayar
Types: Documentary, Short
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Global Perspectives