Tainted waters, dying reefs and failing fisheries, the myth of the boundless ocean is no more. But from the troubled waters now rises a new wave of hope, of prosperity through preservation, playing out in communities across the country and intimately captured in the new film, Ocean Frontiers. From the busy shipping lanes of Boston Harbor to an obscure little fishing community in the Pacific Northwest; from America’s coral reef playground in the Florida Keys to the nation’s premier seafood nursery in the Mississippi Delta, this film takes us on an inspiring voyage to seaports and watersheds across the country. Here we meet an intermingling of unlikely allies, of industrial shippers and whale biologists, pig farmers and wetland ecologists, sport fishers and reef snorkelers, all of them pioneers in ocean management, embarking on a new course of stewardship, in defense of the seas that sustain them. Directed by Karen Anspacher-Meyer and Ralf Meyer. Produced by Green Fire Productions.

Ocean Frontiers: The Dawn of a New Era in Stewardship

2011 US 80 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Documentary
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Freshwater & Oceans