One day Moomintroll notices that something strange has happened in the Moomin Valley – everything is grey; not just the sky and the river, but the trees, the ground, the Moominhouse, too! Moomintroll runs to ask the well-read Muskrat if he knows what is happening. Muskrat declares that this is the way things tend to look before the earth faces an awful fate coming from the sky. With the help of his father, Moominpappa, Moomintroll and his worried friends start on a challenging journey to the observatory. When they arrive, the professor calculates that a ferocious comet will reach the earth in four days, four hours, four minutes and 44 seconds. It’s time to go back home as fast as they can. Will they get everybody to safety in time? Based on the books by Tove Jansson. Directed by Maria Lindberg. Produced by Tom Carpelan, Björk, Musician and Moomins fan, composed and sings an original song for the film called “The Comet Song”.

Moomins and the Comet Chase (Muumi Ja Punainen Pyrtotahti)

2010 FI 75 min
Festival Year: 2012
Types: Family Friendly, Narrative