Officially the loneliest animal on the planet until his death in June 2012, Lonesome George was the very last Pinta Island giant tortoise. Now his species is extinct. He was an icon of his native Galapagos Islands and a symbol of the battle to preserve their unique wildlife. The islands are at a critical point in their history, threatened by illegal fishing, the demands of a booming population and an ever-expanding tourist industry, yet the islanders’ will to protect the Galapagos is strong. This is both the personal story of Lonesome George and of the local characters intent on turning around the fortunes of their unique tropical paradise. Produced by Jonathan Clay for BBC Four.

Lonesome Gerorge and the Battle for the Galapagos

2012 GB 60 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Documentary, Panel Discussion
Topic: Freshwater & Oceans, Global Perspectives, Wildlife