In Ukraine’s Carpathian Mountains, three generations of shepherds fight to sustain an ancient lifestyle in a rapidly changing world. Filmed over four years and encompassing the experiences of herdsmen aged 9, 39, and 82, The Living Fire preserves both the seasonal and lifelong cycles of traditional rural existence, registering its rhythms and celebrating its stark beauty. The intimate testimonies and everyday lives of the shepherds raise vital implications about what we’ve lost in our societal shift away from our natural environment. 


Directed and produced by Ostap Kostyuk. Presented with the Trust for Mutual Understanding. Introduced by Peter O’Brien, Board Member, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. Guest Speakers Illia Gladshtein and Nadia Parfan, 86 Film Fest.

The Living Fire

2015 UA 77 min
Festival Year: 2016
Types: Documentary
Topic: Global Perspectives, Sustainable Living