Winner, Best Animal Behavior Program, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Every animal shares one experience: taking its first steps into a vast and dangerous world after being born. In this episode of the BBC’s Life Story, the legendary David Attenborough shows us how a globe-spanning collection of creatures copes with the challenges of emerging for the first time. From the Barnacle goose chick’s death-defying leap to the airborne acrobatics of orchid mantises to the nocturnal explorations of the Long-eared jerboa – a species never before filmed in the wild – Life Story captures a wide variety of animals’ first tentative motions in delightful and innovative ways.


Directed by Sophie Lanfear. Produced by Michael Gunton and Tom Hugh-Jones.

Life Story: First Steps

2014 GB 59 min
Festival Year: 2016
Types: Documentary
Topic: Wildlife