Along the northern coast of Tanzania, a series of innovative development projects organized by community members, the Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership, the BALANCED Project and USAID are combining conservation efforts with health and livelihood interventions. These integrated “population, health and environment” (PHE) projects start from the basis that healthy people require a healthy environment and vice versa. Community members are some of the most important tools of the PHE approach – local villagers become peer educators who can discuss the linkages of conservation and health with their neighbors. In the film, we meet Rukia, Mahija and Fidea from the Pangani and Bagamoyo districts, whose lives reflect how these dynamic development projects are improving their health, their environment and their community. The development projects include Clean Cookstoves, Seaweed Generation and Reproductive Health. Executive Producer Sean Peoples, and co-produced by the Woodrow Wilson Center and Think Out Loud Productions. Narrator: Miriam Nasieku. 

Integrated Development in Tanzania: Healthy People, Healthy Evironment

2013 US 10 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Documentary, Short
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Global Perspectives, Sustainable Living