A mercenary scientist named Martin is sent into the wilds of Australia by a mysterious European biotech company to search for the last Tasmanian Tiger in this psychological drama. The tiger is believed to have been extinct for almost 100 years and there appears to be a conspiracy working against Martin, who is following in the footsteps of another hunter now missing. A man alone, with nothing but simple possessions and the temptation of money to guide him, Martin accepts the challenge with the condition that he be left alone. The powerful company that has assigned him this project has too much at stake to leave it to a single individual who has little to lose. The nearby townsfolk are angry and seem ready to defend what may well be rightfully theirs. Yet, aside from the handful of assaults perpetrated against Martin to scare him away, Martin’s story is a journey of discovery, of one man’s understanding of what is really important in life, and the sacrifices we must often make in order to find ourselves on the right path. The film is based on the best-selling novel, “The Hunter,” by Julia Leigh. Starring Willem Dafoe. Directed by Daniel Nettheim. Produced by Vincent Sheehan.

The Hunter

2011 AU 100 min
Festival Year: 2012
Types: Narrative
Topic: Wildlife