Join filmmakers Lizabeth Rogers and Kevin Flint on a journey through the American West to expose uranium mining and our atomic legacy for what it really is. Initially they traveled to South Dakota to follow a story about uranium contamination, but, upon arriving, discovered that the problem flows much farther and runs much deeper than they could have imagined. Three years later, Hot Water tells the story of those impacted by uranium mining, atomic testing, nuclear energy and the contamination that runs through our air, soil and, even more dramatically, our water. Despite messages from older films, such as Fat Man and Little Boy and Duck and Cover, which led us to believe it was safe to eat, drink and breathe in the shadow of the atomic bomb, the reality is that our ground water, air and soil are contaminated with some of the most toxic heavy metals on the planet. And, the subsequent health and environmental damage will take generations and, in some cases, thousands of years to heal. Directed by Kevin Flint and Lizabeth Rogers. Produced by Elizabeth Kucinich. Executive Producer, Donald C. Rogers. 


Hot Water

2013 US 79 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Documentary
Topic: Energy & Resources, Environmental Advocacy and Justice