Whitebark pine trees are icons of North America’s mountain landscape.  They provide a host of ecosystem services and are considered a foundational and keystone species for the critical role they play in the places where they occur.  They stand at the center of a web of life that supports dozens of plants and animals, including the grizzly bear, red squirrel, and Clark’s nutcracker.  Over the past several decades whitebark pine has experienced severe declines and today faces the very real threat of extinction.

Hope and Restoration features the leading voices in the conservation and management of whitebark pine and reveals what’s at stake for our mountain forests and why there is still time to save whitebark pine.

Hope and Restoration: Saving the Whitebark Pine

2022 US 14 min
Festival Year: 2023
Director: Eric Liner
Types: Documentary, Short, Watch Now
Topic: Conservation

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