WINNER: THE BALLAD OF HOLLAND ISLAND HOUSE (USA, 2015, 4 min.) World Premiere The true story of the last house on a Chesapeake Bay island slowly sinking into the rising seas comes to life through fluidly transforming animated clay-on-glass paintings. The house sings of its life and the creatures it has sheltered, and contemplates time and environmental change. Directed by Lynn Tomlinson.


THE 73 MILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY (USA, 2015, 5 min.) World Premiere Pollution from fossil fuel emissions may be killing a $73 million dollar industry. The West coast oyster industry provides more than 3,000 jobs and has a total annual economic impact of over $207 million, but because of ocean acidification it almost ended. Now with expensive equipment to monitor sea water pH the oyster industry is back on its feet, but it is a temporary solution and an indication of a larger issue about the health of our oceans. Directed by Kathryn Boyd-Batstone.

PROVO HAZE (USA, 2015, 5 min.) World Premiere Jesse and his brother James set out on a series of hikes into the Provo mountains to document the haze that plagues their town every winter. Through an elevated vantage point and time-lapse photography, they capture new and shocking images that help shed light on the status of the air we breathe. Directed by Jesse Myrick.

Discussion follows screening with student filmmakers, hosted by Chris Palmer, Director, and Sandy Cannon-Brown, Associate Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking, School of Communication, American University.

FREE. No reservations required.

American University, School of Communication, Center for Environmental Filmmaking, Doyle/Forman Theater, 201 McKinley Building, 4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW (Metro: Tenleytown-AU, Shuttle bus service to AU)

Greenpeace Postcards from Climate Change: Student Film Contest

1960 US 15 min
Festival Year: 2015
Types: Documentary, Short
Topic: Climate Change