In 1959, Paris Match and Life Magazine made headline of Christian Zuber, a 28 year old French cinematographer, who left for the Galapagos with only a 16 mm Pathe film camera and a Rolleiflex still camera – the same Islands where Darwin foresaw his theory of evolution a hundred years earlier. From his one-year journey in the Pacific, Christian Zuber brought back with him a film of a lost paradise and photos of rare and endangered species.

In 1972, twelve years later, Zuber, photographer, movie maker and TV producer, returned to the Galapagos Island to assess the first results of his work as an early environment and media activist.

Galapagos Islands III is the unseen movie being presented for the first time this year at the Environmental Festival in the Nation’s Capital.

For two hundred days, Christian Zuber, along with 2 crew members, his wife and his 2 year-old son, filmed and lived in this unique and mysterious world 12 years after his first solitary journey in 1958. During this journey, Zuber shot more than 32000 feet of film of men and nature in the incredible scenery of beaches and underwater reefs. He also came to film the result of his actions to protect endangered plants and animals, and inspired women and men who work to protect the environment and keep tourism under scrutiny.

Directed by Christian Zuber.


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1976 FR 70 min
Festival Year: 2017
Types: Short
Topic: Parks and Protected Areas