While navigating a myriad number of life challenges from being her mom’s care taker, working several jobs, to facing housing insecurity, Anjelica Avella turned to the outdoors in her mid-twenties to improve her mental health. Despite feeling the benefits of time spent outside for her well-being, the lack of other plus-size women of color she was encountering on trail was noticeable. In an effort to form community, Anjelica began leading weekend hikes and trips for other women who too were seeking others with shared lived experiences. Forward chronicles Anjelica’s perspective in a space that has historically excluded individuals like her and shares a profound connection between women who once felt sidelined and are now a catalyst for change.



2023 US 16 min
Festival Year: 2024
Director: Palmer Morse
Types: Documentary, Short, Watch Now
Topic: Adventure, Environmental Advocacy and Justice

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