American realist painter Edward Hopper’s influential style has left a lasting impression on modern culture. His scenes of modern American life, most notably Nighthawks, have been recreated in myriad films and TV shows. Obsessed with the everyday, Hopper depicted all-night diners, cinemas, petrol stations, hotel lobbies and a theatre, and because he believed loneliness was an inherent feature of city life, he filled them with seemingly isolated and alienated figures. This documentary reveals the social and cultural context surrounding Hopper’s work, while also exploring his independence as a painter, the many references to his work in film and the widespread reproduction of his works. In French and English with English subtitles. Directed by Jean-Pierre Devilliers.

Edward Hopper and the Blank Canvas

2012 FR 52 min
Festival Year: 2014
Types: Documentary
Topic: Energy & Resources