When images of everyday Navajo life began appearing at a monumental scale on abandoned buildings, roadside stands, and water towers across the Southwest, it was a surprise for many in the community to discover it was the work of Chip Thomas, a.k.a. “Jetsonorama,” a longtime resident known by many as a healer of another kind. By day, Thomas is a primary care physician at the Inscription House Health Clinic, part of Indian Health Services on the Navajo Nation, where he’s lived for 30 years. In his free time, Thomas installs massive photomurals depicting his neighbors, from sheepherders to grandmothers, and celebrating the beauty of a people whose land has been mined and poisoned, cut up and sold off.


Dignity at a Monumental Scale

2018 US 8 min
Festival Year: 2019
Director: Kelly Whalen
Types: Documentary, Short, Watch Now
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Indigenous Voices

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