Rumspringa refers to the Amish rite of passage that begins when Amish children reach 16 years of age, and continues until they decide whether or not they want to join or leave the Amish church. At 16, the Amish are permitted to leave the community and explore what they refer to as the “English World” and the adults in the community call the “Devil’s Playground.” The film follows several teens through their experiences during Rumspringa dampling life outside of the Amish community, many young people drive cars, wear modern clothes and cut and style their hair, have sexual relationships and some experiment with drugs. In interviews with the teenagers, the documentary shows that partying is never all that is on their minds. These young Amish adults are struggling with what they want to believe, how they want to spend the rest of their lives.

Directed by Lucy Walker. Produced by Stick Figure Productions.

Devil's Playground

2002 US 77 min
Festival Year: 2012
Types: Documentary
Topic: Global Perspectives