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Winner, 2014 Documentary Award for Environmental Advocacy

Watch dam opponents as they dangle hundreds of feet in the air while painting signs of protest on dam walls. These activists are part of the growing momentum behind river restoration. Find out what else is going on in the controversial movement to remove dams and restore rivers in this vibrant documentary. To some, dams are beneficial, playing a critical role in the development of the United States by providing hydropower and urban water supplies. To others, damming has damaged river ecosystems, decreased wild salmon breeding, and impacted Native American heritage.The high cost of retrofitting aging dams to meet current environmental standards has led to a surprising shift in thinking: Dam owners, impacted communities and politicians are now re-evaluating and often advocating for dam removal.

Directed by Travis Rummel and Ben Knight. Produced by Matt Stoecker and Travis Rummel. Associate Producer, Beda Calhoun. 2014 Winner SXSW Audience Award in the Documentary Spotlight category.