Incinerators burn garbage in India. Hundreds of hydroelectric dams pump in Panama. Biogas is extracted from palm oil in Honduras. Eucalyptus forests are harvested for charcoal in Brazil. What do these projects have in common? They are all receiving carbon credits for offsetting pollution created somewhere else. But what impact are these offsets having? Are they actually reducing emissions? And how are they affecting the people who live in these countries? This film takes us around the world to meet the men and women on the front lines of carbon trading. Their voices have gone unheard in the noise surrounding the multi-billion dollar carbon industry, nicknamed “green gold” by its beneficiaries. Indigenous rain forest dwellers are losing their way of life. Waste pickers at landfills can no longer support themselves. Dozens of campesinos have been assassinated. Traveling across four continents and making the connection between these tragedies and the United Nations’ Clean Development Mechanism, this documentary presents the true cost of carbon trading and shows who stands to gain and who stands to lose.

Narrated by Daryl Hannah. Directed and written by Amy Miller. Produced by Amy Miller and Byron A. Martin.

The Carbon Rush

2012 CA 84 min
Festival Year: 2013
Types: Documentary
Topic: Global Perspectives, Sustainable Living