For 170 years, a Native American Cajun community has occupied a tiny island deep in the bayous of south Louisiana called Isle de Jean Charles. They have fished, hunted and lived off the land. Now the land that has sustained them for generations is vanishing before their eyes. A host of environmental problems – coastal erosion, lack of soil renewal, oil company and government canals and sea level rise from global warming – are overwhelming the island. Over the last 50 years, Isle de Jean Charles has been gradually shrinking and it is now almost gone. For these Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw Indians, their land is more than simply a place to live. It is the epicenter of their people and traditions. Directed by Rebecca Marshall Ferris and Jason Ferris. Produced by Kathleen Ledet.

Can’t Stop the Water

2013 US 33 min
Festival Year: 2014
Types: Documentary, Short
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Freshwater & Oceans, Sustainable Living