Under the cover of legal loopholes and “wildlife sanctuary” fronts, breeding facilities in South Africa raise lions in captivity to be shot at close range by the highest bidder. In this big business of “canned hunting,” anyone with enough money can select an animal from an online photo gallery and then kill it while it sits fenced in. In Blood Lions, reporters and activists investigate these brutal practices that pass off animal cruelty as both hunting and conservation work, uncovering an international web of deception and misinformation.


Directed by Bruce Young and Nick Chevallier. Produced by Pippa Hankinson, and Jeremy Nathan. Executive producer: Dr. Andrew Venter. Starring Ian Michler. Special Guest Luke Dollar.

Blood Lions

2015 ZA, US 84 min
Festival Year: 2016
Types: Documentary
Topic: Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Global Perspectives, Wildlife