Bhutan is one of the hot spots of environmental preservation on earth as 70 percent of its surface is covered with forest and it hardly contributes at all to CO2 emissions. Nevertheless, it is facing the undisputable effects of global warming as melting ice continues to weaken the walls of the Himalayan glacier lakes. If the lakes should burst, the lives of thousands of people and animals will be endangered and the fertile arable land in this hidden kingdom destroyed. The only way to prevent such a disaster is to dig a drainage system and lower the water level of Lake Thorthomi by six meters over a period of three years. The film follows an army of 350 farmers, students and workers, who climbed the Himalayan Mountains for the first three-month expedition, which resulted in a reduction in the water level of 86 centimeters. Directed by Peterjan van der Burgh Tshering Gyeltshen. Produced by Henk de Jong.

86 Centimeters

2011 BT 38 min
Festival Year: 2012
Types: Documentary
Topic: Climate Change, Energy & Resources, Environmental Advocacy and Justice, Global Perspectives, Sustainable Living, Wildlife