Established for the 2014 Festival by Julia and Richard Moe in memory of their son, Eric, to honor his strong interest in film and his commitment to sustainability, the Eric Moe Award for Best Short on Sustainability recognizes a short film for its inventive solutions to balancing the needs of humans and nature.  The award includes a $5,000 cash prize.



2021 Winner



Maria Lopez is waging a war for environmental justice. Her New Jersey district is one of the most toxic neighborhoods in the country and home to an infamous one-mile industrial stretch known as the Chemical Corridor. The Sacrifice Zone follows Maria as she leads a group of warriors who are fighting to break the cycle of poor communities of color serving as dumping grounds.


DIRECTOR: Julie Winokur

(USA, 2020, 32 min.)




Past Winners


2020. Uniontown (USA, 2019, 16 min.), Directed by Fraser Jones

2019. Lost World (USA, 2018, 16 min.), Directed by Kalyanee Mam

2018. Water Warriors, (USA, 2017, 22 min), Directed by Michael Premo

2017. Kokota(Canada/Tanzania, 2016, 29 min), Directed by Craig Norris.

2016. Bluebird Man, (USA, 2014, 28 min), Directed by Matthew Podolosky

2015. Silent River, (USA, 2014, 25 min), Directed by Jason Jaacks and Steve Fisher. Produced by Steve Fisher.

2014. Amazing Grace, (Zambia/South Africa, 2012, 5 min), Directed by Rowan Pybus.