National Geographic Society

1600 M St NW, Washington, DC 20036

(Farragut North Metro)

The National Geographic Society has been inspiring people to care about the planet since 1888. It is one of the largest nonprofit scientific and educational institutions in the world. Its interests include geography, archaeology and natural science, and the promotion of environmental and historical conservation.

  • Red Line, Farragut North

Films showing at this venue

TuesdayMarch 14
6:30pmWater & Power: A California Heist86 mins, ( Energy & Resources / Freshwater & Oceans )Ticket Information
WednesdayMarch 22
7:30pmPristine Seas: Wild Galapagos (SOLD OUT)47 mins, ( Freshwater & Oceans )The Galápagos Islands are simply legendary, home to a collection of strange, beautiful, and wild creatures that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. While these islands have been well studied, there is a whole other world underwater, a shark-filled paradise that Charles Darwin never saw. In 2015 National Geographic’s Pristine Seas, an international collection of marine scientists and filmmakers, got an opportunity to explore the islands like never before. Led by Dr. Enric Sala, they dive in a marvelous subaquatic world, filled with sea lions, penguins, marine iguanas…and massive schools of hammerhead sharks. And they’ll deploy a manned submarine to explore over a thousand feet below the surface, to areas few, if any, have ever seen. But the waters around the Galapagos are not immune to pressures from the outside world. Overfishing, climate change, and warming events like El Niño are threatening this pristine ecosystem. Take an adventure with the Pristine Seas team, as they explore one of the most exciting, complex, and unique places on our planet, in an effort to help protect it…before it’s too late.Ticket Information
ThursdayMarch 23
7:00pmThe Lost City of Z (SOLD OUT)140 mins, ( Development & Built Environment / Indigenous Voices )

Events at this venue

WednesdayMarch 15
7:30pmUnbranded: An Epic Ride Through the American WestTicket Information
MondayMarch 20
7:00pmEric Moe Award: Screening and DiscussionTicket Information