E Street Cinema

555 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20004

(Metro Center, Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro)

The E Street Cinema is an eight-screen luxury movie theatre specializing in first-run independent and foreign language films, documentary features and classic revivals. In addition to high quality programming, the theatre is committed to state-of-the art film presentation. It features large screens with excellent, clear sightlines, stadium seating in the larger houses, Dolby Digital sound, amenities including upscale concessions and an espresso bar, and 3 hours of reduced rate parking within the building’s garage (with validation), Monday through Friday after 5:00pm and anytime on weekends. Designed by Brooks Graham, interior designer with the Graham Little Studio, and designer of many Landmark theatres including the Bethesda Row Cinema in Bethesda, MD, the E Street Cinema is an aesthetically unique and appealing destination for downtown film buffs.

  • Red, Orange, Blue, Silver Lines, Metro Center; Red, Green Yellow Lines, Gallery Place - Chinatown

Films showing at this venue

FridayMarch 17
4:00pmForgotten Farms63 mins, ( Energy & Resources / Sustainable Living )Forgotten Farms examines class divides in the Northeastern farm and food communities. In more affluent communities, farm-to-table restaurants, farmer's markets and CSAs are booming and the new farmers are celebrated. But there is another farmer who is left out of the local food celebration. New England has lost over 10,000 conventional dairy farms in the past 50 years; 2,000 farms remain. Collectively, they tend 1.2 million acres of farmland and produce almost all of the milk consumed in New England. Through conversations with dairy farmers and policy experts, the film reconsiders the role of these vital but forgotten farmers, who will be essential players in a regional food economy. By discussing the cultural divide between the new food movement and traditional farmers, the film highlights the need to address differences, develop mutual understanding, and bridge the gap. A truly sustainable local food system that benefits everyone will rely on all of our farmers.Ticket Information
7:00pmYou've Been Trumped, Too80 mins, ( Climate Connections / Development & Built Environment / Global Perspectives )Ticket Information
SaturdayMarch 18
7:00pmThe Colorado90 mins, ( Climate Connections / Freshwater & Oceans / Sustainable Living )Ticket Information
7:00pmWhat You Take Away: A Colorado River Reflection7 mins, ( Freshwater & Oceans )Ticket Information
9:30pmAnts on a Shrimp88 mins, ( Arts and Environment / Food / Global Perspectives )Ticket Information
SundayMarch 19
12:00pmCrossing Bhutan58 mins, ( Arts and Environment / Global Perspectives )Ticket Information
2:00pmPower of the River: Expedition to the Heart of Water in Bhutan74 mins, ( Freshwater & Oceans / Global Perspectives / Wildlife )Ticket Information
4:00pmBehold The Earth68 mins, ( Environmental Advocacy / Sustainable Living )Ticket Information
7:00pmYasuni Man93 mins, ( Global Perspectives / Indigenous Voices / Latin American Program )Ticket Information
9:30pmFreightened: The Real Price of Shipping84 mins, ( Technology )Ticket Information
MondayMarch 20
7:00pmGaza Surf Club87 mins, ( Global Perspectives )Ticket Information
7:00pmTsukiji Wonderland111 mins, ( Food / Global Perspectives )Ticket Information
9:30pmBehemoth95 mins, ( Energy & Resources )Ticket Information
TuesdayMarch 21
7:00pmKedi79 mins, ( Animal Rights )Ticket Information
9:30pmSalero (RESERVATIONS FULL)76 mins, ( Global Perspectives )The world's largest salt flat, Bolivia's Salar de Uyuni, is a pristine, otherworldly expanse of white. For generations, the only signs of life have been the "saleros" who harvest salt from its radiant surface. This remote region is thrust into the future when Bolivia's leaders embark on a plan to extract a precious mineral found beneath the salt crust, and to build an infrastructure connecting the Salar to the outside world. Salero, a nonfiction feature film, is a poetic journey through the eyes of Moises, one of the last remaining salt gatherers. Set at the dawn of the modern age in one of the most secluded places on earth, Moises' story explores how identity is formed by both tradition and progress.
WednesdayMarch 22
9:15pmPlanet Earth II: Cities58 mins, ( Animal Rights / Development & Built Environment / Wildlife )Ticket Information
ThursdayMarch 23
6:00pmDeath By A Thousand Cuts (RESERVATIONS FULL)90 mins, ( Environmental Advocacy / Global Perspectives )
6:00pmCycles (Ciclos) (RESERVATIONS FULL)9 mins, ( Arts and Environment )
8:00pmSite of Sites61 mins, ( Global Perspectives )Ticket Information

Events at this venue

FridayMarch 17
9:30pmLate Night ShortsTicket Information
SaturdayMarch 18
12:00pmShorts: Fusion Project Earth Documentary Award WinnersTicket Information
2:00pmShorts: MigrationTicket Information
4:00pmShorts: Conservation II

Take a journey across land, sea and sky. Join the Environmental Film Festival for an afternoon of conservation shorts that explore the future of our planet and all the natural wonders worth saving.

Ticket Information