Carnegie Institution for Science

1530 P St NW, Washington, DC 20005

(Metro: Dupont Circle)

The Carnegie Institution for Science is a beautiful historic landmark nestled between Dupont Circle and Logan Circle in the heart of Washington, D.C.  Its neoclassical Sixteenth Street façade lends to the grandeur of one of the most prominent thoroughfares in the city.

Completed in 1908 as the administrative building for Andrew Carnegie’s intuition for discovery, the facility still houses staff dedicated to furthering the philanthropist’s mission.  In addition to the headquarters building, the Institution maintains six research departments located across the country responsible for countless contributions to various scientific fields.

For decades, the Institution has been sharing its research through public lecture series held in our beautiful auditorium.  Added to the building in 1938, the auditorium seats up to 400 guests and maintains its original deco design and colorful mural spanning the entire room.  The space is popular for lectures, film screenings, award ceremonies, and graduations.

  • Red Line, Dupont Circle

Films showing at this venue

WednesdayMarch 15
7:00pmSea of Hope: America's Underwater Treasures45 mins, ( Animal Rights / Freshwater & Oceans / Wildlife )Ticket Information
FridayMarch 17
6:00pmSpillover: Zika, Ebola, and Beyond56 mins, ( Global Perspectives )Ticket Information
8:30pmFood Evolution92 mins, ( Climate Connections / Food / Sustainable Living )Ticket Information
SaturdayMarch 18
4:00pmFlint: A Work-In-Progress30 mins, ( Environmental Advocacy / Freshwater & Oceans )Ticket Information
7:00pmBefore the Flood96 mins, ( Environmental Advocacy )Ticket Information
SundayMarch 19
2:00pmInstruments of Change: Lessons from the Rainforest20 mins, ( Climate Connections / Global Perspectives / Sustainable Living )Ticket Information
4:00pm24 Snow93 mins, ( Climate Connections / Indigenous Voices / Sustainable Living )Intolerable climate of the Arctic part of Yakutia. Permafrost. Most of the year the temperature is always negative and the ground is always cold. In winter the temperature reaches minus 65C below zero. There is no telephone or electricity. The lack of roads complicates traveling around. Living in such conditions is associated with daily struggles with the environment and yourself. Hundreds of kilometers away from the nearest settlement, one can count only on himself. These harsh lands attract people who look for freedom and independence.

Our hero is a horse-breeder, most of the year he lives in the mountains looking after the horses. Feeling like an outsider in his own house, Sergei almost lost touch with his family and he doesn't see his children grow up. Every year, Sergei spends more and more time away from the village and sees his family a few times a year: on a Horse-breeders’ Day and when he brings food (meat) home.

Harsh living conditions of the North make the man to make a really hard choice and see him for what he is.
Ticket Information
7:00pmColombia: Wild Magic (Colombia: Magia Salvaje)90 mins, ( Latin American Program )Ticket Information
MondayMarch 20
7:00pmGorongosa Park: Rebirth of Paradise55 mins, ( Parks and Protected Areas / Wildlife )Ticket Information
TuesdayMarch 21
7:00pmThe Age of Consequences (SOLD OUT)80 mins, ( Climate Connections / Energy & Resources )
ThursdayMarch 23
7:00pmLast of the Longnecks92 mins, ( Animal Rights / Parks and Protected Areas / Wildlife )Ticket Information
FridayMarch 24
6:30pmSacred Water: Standing Rock (RESERVATIONS FULL)50 mins, ( Environmental Advocacy / Freshwater & Oceans / Indigenous Voices )
8:00pmRISE: Poisoned River(RESERVATIONS FULL)44 mins, ( Climate Connections / Environmental Advocacy / Freshwater & Oceans / Indigenous Voices )
SaturdayMarch 25
4:00pmRancher, Farmer, Fisherman93 mins, ( Environmental Advocacy / Local / Parks and Protected Areas )Ticket Information
7:00pmHappening: A Work-in-Progress75 mins, ( Climate Connections / Energy & Resources )Ticket Information
SundayMarch 26
2:00pmThe Last Pig (RESERVATIONS FULL)54 mins, ( Animal Welfare )
4:00pmNaledi: A Baby Elephant's Tale (RESERVATIONS FULL)90 mins, ( Global Perspectives / Wildlife )
7:00pmSeasons (SOLD OUT)96 mins, ( Wildlife )

Events at this venue

ThursdayMarch 24
6:00pmGlobal Environmental Storytelling with the Pulitzer Center40 minsTicket Information
SaturdayMarch 26
12:30pmParks: Protecting Wild – Shorts Program75 minsTicket Information
ThursdayMarch 16
7:00pmShorts: Female Filmmakers SpotlightTicket Information
SaturdayMarch 18
12:00pmShorts: Conservation I

Take a journey across land, sea and sky. Join the Environmental Film Festival for an afternoon of conservation shorts that explore the future of our planet and all the natural wonders worth saving.

Ticket Information
1:30pmVirtual Reality: ‘Under the Canopy’ + ‘Valen’s Reef’
2:00pmShorts: Risk and ResistanceTicket Information
SundayMarch 19
12:00pmShorts: InternationalTicket Information
1:30pmVirtual Reality: ‘Under the Canopy’ + ‘Valen’s Reef’
WednesdayMarch 22
7:00pmNuclear Power Play: Screening and DiscussionTicket Information
SaturdayMarch 25
2:00pmShorts: Outdoor AdventureTicket Information
3:15pmVirtual Reality: ‘Under the Canopy’ + ‘Valen’s Reef’
SundayMarch 26
12:00pmShorts: Animation RetrospectiveTicket Information
3:15pmVirtual Reality: ‘Under the Canopy’ + ‘Valen’s Reef’