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City of Trees

At the height of the recession, a DC nonprofit struggles to implement an ambitious “green jobs” program that hires 150 unemployed residents to plant trees in underserved parks. With only six months until their grant money runs out, serious obstacles block their path and speak to deep rifts in the life of the city — racial tensions, uneven government support, and locals who feel their voices have not been heard. But for the trainees the program represents something much more hopeful: the means to give a child a better life, a second chance after a conviction, or a path to community leadership.

Featured in the film: Washington Parks & PeopleDC Green Corps Training Program


Directed by Brandon Kramer and produced by Lance Kramer, Meridian Hill Pictures. 


*Introduction by producer Angie Das. Discussion, moderated by Angie Das, with director Brandon Kramer, producer Lance Kramer, film subject Steve Coleman, and James Hubbard, Deputy Chief, USFS, will follow the screening.

*Discussion with director Brandon Kramer and producer Lance Kramer, film subject Steve Coleman, and Monica Lear, PhD Director, Forest Health Protection (USFS),  will follow screening. Moderated by economist and public official, Sonal Shah.