The Age of Consequences

This film is a part of the Environmental Film Festival On Tour: Boston. Co-presented by Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy. 

The Age of Consequences investigates the impacts of climate change, resource scarcity, migration, and conflict through the lens of US national security and global stability. Whether a long-term vulnerability or sudden shock, the film unpacks how water and food shortages, extreme weather, drought, and sea-level rise function as accelerants of instability and conflict. Unchecked, these threats and risks could continue to grow in scale and frequency, with grave implications for peace and security in the 21st century.


Written, directed and produced by Jared P. Scott. Executive produced by Sophie Robinson.


* Discussion with filmmakers Jared P. Scott and Sophie Robinson, film subject, the Honorable Sharon Burke, and Captain James C. Goudreau, former Acting Deputy Assistant of the Navy for Energy, moderated by Peter Fox-Penner of Boston University’s Institute for Sustainability Energy, follows screening.