Our Donors

Our tremendous thanks to our donors and supporters.

The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital gratefully acknowledges the following foundations, corporations, individuals, and public agencies that have generously supported the 2019 Festival.


Presenting Sponsor

National Geographic



Wallace Genetic Foundation

Shared Earth Foundation




Farvue Foundation




DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

The Reva and David Logan Foundation

Jane Watson Stetson and E. William Stetson, III, Boatwright Foundation




The Elva and Lawrence O’Brien Family Trust

Caroline D. Gabel

Hollomon Price Foundation

Kaempfer Family Fund

National Endowment for the Arts

Susan E. Vitka and Peter Fox-Penner




Armand G. Erpf Fund

Ellen Bryant and Joseph Krakora

The Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation

The Epstein Family Foundation

Josie Merck

Prince Charitable Trusts

Trust for Mutual Understanding




Hausman Foundation for the Environment

The Henry Foundation

Dr. Sachiko Kuno

Julia and Richard Moe

Park Foundation




Angel Braestrup and Mark J. Spalding

Shelley Cohen

DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment

The Hon. Diana Lady Dougan

Hannelore and Jeremy Grantham

Marion Guggenheim

Jennifer Johnson

Gregory McGruder

Dane A. Nichols

Peter O’Brien

Marianne Smith and Carl Pechman

Jenny Springer and L. Michael Cantor

Flo and Roger D. Stone

Jonathan Timothy Ward




Susan and Walter Arensberg

Wendy Benchley and John Jeppson

Will and Kristina Catto

Carole Dickert-Scherr and Jacob Scherr

Nancy R. Dodge

Barbara Francis and Robert Musser

Barbara L. and John Franklin

Golden Rule Foundation

Nelse Greenway

Grace Guggenheim

Donna and Joe Head

Anita G. Herrick

Paula and Edward Hughes

Annie Kaempfer

Burks Lapham

Sally and William Meadows

Barbara and Nicholas Millhouse

Liz Norton

Helen and Larry O’Brien

Margaret Parsons

Susan Rappaport

Lisa Renstrom and Robert Perkowitz

Nancy and Simon Sidamon-Eristoff

Margaret and John Symington

Mary and Roger Wallace

Mary Kim Warren

Catherine Wyler and Richard Rymland




David Baumunk

Carolyn Temple Cohen and David Cohen

Kae and Don Dakin

Melanie Du Bois and Andrew Oliver

Helen and Raymond DuBois

Sarah duPont

Margot Paul Ernst

Claudia Aracelis Ferguson

Frederick H. and Diana C. Prince Foundation

Jessie Harris and Woody Cunningham

Robert Jones

Kay Kendall and Jack Davies

Wendy Makins

Helen McNeill

Katharine B. Morgan

Paul Murray

Louisa Newlin

Gail Ostergaard

Margaret M. Pastor

Louise Sagalyn

Helen and Carter Strong

Jill and John Walsh

Dorothy Woodcock

Tim Zimmermann




Catherine Alston

Victoria Cordova

Deanna Dawson

Alice and Lincoln Day

Tara Doyle

Anne Emmet

Joanne Flanders

Elissa Free

Bruce Guthrie

Elizabeth Harris

Sara Harvey

Elsa Haubold and Tony Tripp

Kim Hirose

Benjamin Hunt

Liz and Kenneth Mendez

Kathleen Mikitin

Douglas J. Miller, Jr.

Mary Eugenia and Theodore Myer

Thomas W. Myers

Marc Norman

Diana Prince

Marie Ridder

Emily and James Rowan

Brooke Runnette

Edith Schafer

Jan Sherwood

Mary Gay Sprague

Gabrielle Stevens

Alison Jean Tinius

Gwyn Whittaker

Elsa Williams

Deborah S. Ziska