Our Donors

Our tremendous thanks to our donors and supporters.

Special Thanks To Our Donors

The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital gratefully acknowledges the following foundations, corporations, individuals, and public agencies that have generously supported the 2021 Festival.


DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities
Shared Earth Foundation


Farvue Foundation
The Reva and David Logan Foundation


Armand G. Erpf Fund
Wallace Genetic Foundation
Jane Watson Stetson and E. William Stetson, III


The Curtis and Edith Munson Foundation
The Elva & Lawrence O’Brien Family Trust
Hollomon Price Foundation
Josie Merck
Kaempfer Family Fund
Prince Charitable Trusts


Boatwright Foundation
The Henry Foundation
HHMI Tangled Bank Studios
Smith Richardson Foundation
Susan E. Vitka and Peter Fox-Penner
Trust for Mutual Understanding (TMU)


The Honorable Diana Lady Dougan
Barbara L. Franklin
Grace Jones Richardson Trust
Julia and Richard Moe
New Columbia Solar
Nora Roberts Foundation
Park Foundation
Restore the Mississippi River Delta
Georgiana Warner
Catherine Wyler and Richard Rymland


William Danforth
DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music & Entertainment (OCTFME)
Heidi Drymer and Peter Graham
Ecoprint, Inc.
Caroline D. Gabel
Donna and Joseph Head
Lynne and Joe Horning
Dane Nichols
Liz Norton
Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (DMPED)
Peggy Parsons
Kristin Rechberger
Sally S. and Decatur H. Miller Private Foundation
Mary Wallace
Gwyn Whittaker, GreenFare Organic Cafe


Margaret Burks and Laurence Hausman
Harriett Crosby
Nancy R. Dodge
Lynn Fischer Fox and Alan Fox
Golden Rule Foundation
Nelse Greenway
Anita Herrick
Sherrill Houghton
Linda Lilienfeld
Nora Pouillon
Susan Rappaport
Robert and Margaret McNamara Foundation
Susan and David Rockefeller, Jr.
Flo and Roger Stone
The Van Metre Family Foundation


David Baumunk
Wendy Benchley and John Jeppson
Mathilda M. Cox
Helen and Raymond DuBois
Margot Paul Ernst
Green Strategies, Inc
Marion Guggenheim
Jennifer Johnson
Annie Kaempfer
Linda Likar and Robert Clement-Jones
Gregory McGruder
Helen McNeill
Elizabeth and Kenneth Mendez
Kathleen Gay Mikitin
Alexandra Moe and Bill Wilhelm
Paul Murray
Darwina L. Neal
Gail Ostergaard
Margaret Pastor
Deborah Rothberg
Louise Sagalyn
Jill and John Walsh
Mary Kim Warren


Jessie Brinkley and Bruce Bunting
Carol Cavanaugh
Robin Clarke
Celia Crawford
Don and Kae Dakin
Alice and Lincoln Day
The DC Dentist – Dr. Terry Victor
Leslie and Phil Downey
Anne Emmet
Carole Feld and David Levy
Claudia Aracelis Ferguson
Hart and Nancy Fessenden
Joanne Flanders
Juliet Campbell Folger
James Funkey
Bruce Guthrie
Jessie Harris and Woody Cunningham
Elsa Haubold and Tony Tripp
Joana Elizabeth Laake
Megumi Lincoln
Wendy Makins
Dan Martin
Elizabeth Merricks
Nicholas Millhouse
Katharine B. Morgan
Theodore and Mary Eugenia Myer
Helen and Larry O’Brien
Malcolm Peabody
Elizabeth Rackley
Nina and Bob Randolph
Carole Dickert-Scherr and S. Jacob Scherr
Anne Sidamon-Eristoff
P.J. Simmons
Mary Gabrielle Sprague
Gabrielle and William Stevens
John and Margaret Symington
Dorothy Wexler


Media Partners
The New Republic


Barbara and Nathaniel Baldwin
Nancy Bieging
Rives and Dickson Carroll
Elaine Champi
Margaret Chan
Lee Child
Hope Childs
Jocelyn Childs
Andrew Clark
David Clark
Barbara Cochran
Janet and David Curtis
Isabel and Walter Cutler
Adele D`Ari
Saurabh Dalal
Jeffrey De Joannis
Kruti Desai
Nancy Folger
Jeffrey Furr
Jodi Glick
Grace Guggenheim
Roberta Gutman
Corbin Harwood
Joel Herm
Steve Kaffen
Florence Keenan
Marissa Knodel
Carroll Long
Gay Lord
Gerald Lorentz
Doris Marlin
Stefanie Mathew
Kristie McComb
Eleanor McMillan
Bernard Mercer
H.E. Ashok Kumar Mirpuri and Gouri Mirpuri
Mary Beth Moore
Virginia Murphy and David Uhlmann
Bryan Neely
Elizabeth Newhouse
Peter O’Brien
Sally Oesterling
Nancy Patterson
Roxanne Paul
Margery Perko
Rondi Pillette
Holly Pollinger
Marie Ridder
Mary Ross
Ann Satterthwaite
Robert Schackmann
David Seidman
Jeffrey K. Stine
Mark Strauss
Mark Swartz
Leah F Tarbell
Linda Voss
Patricia Walk
Susan Weltz
Katherine Pharibe Wise
Mohammed Zaatari
Jourdan Arpelle-Ziegler and Henry Steinway Ziegler