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Canyon Song(5)

Filmmaker Dana Romanoff on ‘Canyon Song’

An obvious takeaway is the beauty of Canyon de Chelly and its appeal, drawing even more visitors. But it is also important to recognize and honor the native people and what happened to them on this land that we now call a National Monument. The Draper family highlights a positive aspect of the Navajo culture and the importance of knowing our past and being connected to our ancestors and tradition.

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Related Festival Event:


Thursday, Mar. 16, 7:00 pm – Carnegie Institution for Science

* Tickets: $10 (Screening Only); $20 (Pre-Reception + Screening).

* Discussion with filmmaker Bridget Besaw, as well as Amy Marquis and Dana Romanoff (Canyon Song) and Jenny Nichols (Elk River) follows screening. (Bridget Besaw and Amy Marquis will be unable to attend due to inclement weather.)


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