Women and Water: A World Water Celebration Global Issues

Shorts Program and Feature Documentary – RiverBlue

Thanks to the Bernstein Family Foundation for their support of this two-part program and reception.

INVISIBLE OCEAN: PLANKTON AND PLASTIC (USA, 2014, 9 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere Sci-artist Mara Haseltine finds an unsettling presence in samples of plankton she collects during a Tara Oceans exhibition. This presence is borne from land to sea, and is a byproduct of our industrialized existence. The discovery inspires her to create sculptures linking the microscopic Ocean world to all life on Earth. Directed and produced by Emily Driscoll.

FIGHT FOR ARENG VALLEY (Cambodia, 2014, 7 min.) This film looks into a remote valley in Cambodia, where a group of young monks join the Chong people in a fight to protect their forests, livelihood and heritage from the looming construction of a hydroelectric dam. A part of the Pulitzer Center-supported project of the same title. Directed by Kalyanee Mam. Produced by Allison Hoffman and Ken Pelletier. A New York Times Op Doc.

RIVERBLUE (Canada, 2015, 83 min., Work-in-Progress) RiverBlue chronicles an unprecedented, 3 year around the-world river adventure that follows paddler and renowned river conservationist, Mark Angelo, as he travels down some of the world’s greatest rivers, as well as some of the most polluted. In the midst of an amazing journey, he and his crew uncover the dark side of the global fashion industry. The dumping of toxic chemical waste from the manufacturing of our clothing, by some of the our favorite brands, is one of the world’s most massive polluting problems, and it has flown largely under the radar, until now. Directed by David McIlvride. Produced by Roger Williams and Lisa Mazzotta.

Films showing as part of this event

Kalyanee Mam, 7 mins