Visionary Green Shorts Program

The 24th Annual Environmental Film Festival includes the following art-documentary short films:

The Art of Flying

(Netherlands, 2015, 7 min.) DC premiere

Every night, all over Europe and North America, populations of Common Starling gather at dusk to perform a stunning air show in vast, amorphous flocks called “murmurations,’ majestically captured by filmmaker Jan van IJken in crisp black and white. Directed and produced by Jan van IJken.


(UK, 2015, 14 min.)

At 85, Morag lives in the house where she was born, perched on a seaside cliff in the Outer Hebrides. She tends sheep and muses about what remains for her, revealing a mordant wit, a candid address of mortality, and a bone­deep connection to her rugged island home.Directed by Rosie Reed Hillman. Produced by Carol Cooke. Executive producers: Sonja Henrici and Noe Mendelle.

Treasure Island

(USA, 2014, 7 min.) DC premiere

The only thing buried on San Francisco’s Treasure Island is radioactive waste, but the children who live there make up stories to fit the fantastical name, which blur into a distorted awareness of the environmental threat they live with. Directed by Elizabeth Lo and Melissa Langer.

What Lies Beneath the Sky

(USA/France, 2015, 9 min.)

Grainy images of a storm-wracked New York during Hurricane Sandy play off a haunting voiceover by legendary filmmaker Chantal Akerman to conjure a meditation on life amid natural disaster. Directed and produced by Vladimir de Fontenay.

California: Paradise Burning

(USA, 2014, 7 min.)

Two photographers visit California’s Central Valley to cover the state’s historic drought, leaving with staggering black-and­white images of a bounty turned to desolation, along with the dire testimonies of the farmers hit the hardest. Directed by Matt Black and Ed Kashi. Edited by Sky Dylan-Robbins.


(UK, 2015, 17 min.) DC premiere

On the rock of Gibraltar, the municipal government hires workers to keep macaques from running rampant – but these monkeys have lived there far longer than the Brits have, and they resent these attempts at governance. Directed by Eleanor Mortimer. Produced by Eleanor Mortimer and Jacob Thomas. Edited by Nina Rac.

 March 20, 12:30 pm – Carnegie Institution for Science

* FREE. Reservations required. Reserve here.

Films showing as part of this event

Elizabeth Lo, 7 mins
Vladimir de Fontenay, 9 mins
Eleanor Mortimer, Jacob Thomas, Nina Rac, Eleanor Mortimer, 17 mins
Jan van IJken, 7 mins
Matt Black, Ed Kashi, 7 mins
Rosie Reed Hillman, 14 mins