Virtual Reality Selections

VR headsets will be at Opening and Closing receptions, plus 3/16: 11:30 am – 5 pm, 3/17: 11:30 am – 5 pm, and 3/23: 11:30 am – 5pm in the Carnegie Ballroom.


Pandamonium: A Virtual Experience

An exclusive, up-close and behind-the-scenes look at the world of Bei Bei, Bao Bao and their parents. Climb a tree within an arm’s reach of the Zoo’s rock star panda and enjoy VIP status at his 1st birthday party. Learn how to be a panda keeper and care for these beloved but very endangered animals.


(USA, 2018, 12 min.)


Ghost Fleet (VR)

Immerse yourself in the true story of slavery in the Thai fishing industry. Ghost Fleet, the feature film, exposes the dark side of illegal fishing and the heroes working to end it. The VR experience allows audiences to step onboard and enter the heroic story of Tun Lin, who was sold into slavery when he moved to Thailand looking for work. Born in Myanmar, Tun Lin was kidnapped when he was fourteen-years-old and forced to fish without pay as far away as the coast of Somalia. He spent 11 years on the boat and suffered endless abuse and trauma alongside his crewmates of enslaved fishermen. Journey with Tun Lin as he retraces his ordeal, the years of horrific treatment on board the slave ship, and his brave escape from a prison made of water.


(USA, 2018, 8 min.)



This is Climate Change

In this expansive virtual reality docu-series from Participant Media and Condition One, journey to the far corners of the earth to discover the people and places being hit hardest by climate change. This Is Climate Change offers an immersive look into our new reality of catastrophic weather events that are displacing communities and transforming landscapes with alarming speed.


(USA, 2018, 29 min.)


Sanctuaries of Silence

Silence just might be on the verge of extinction, and acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton believes that even the most remote corners of the globe are affected by noise pollution. Join him on an immersive listening journey into Olympic National Park, one of the quietest places in North America.


(USA, 2018, 7 min.)


The Lost City of Mer       


(3/23 and Closing Night Only)

This cross-platform interactive experience combines a smartphone app with VR. It utilizes a groundbreaking living narrative structure where the audience’s real-world actions impact the story as it unfolds. Innovative “swimming,” game play, elements of sci-fi, and mystery inspire users to reduce their carbon footprint in order to restore a magical lost civilization.


(USA, 2018, 15 min.)



Films showing as part of this event