Virtual Reality: ‘Under the Canopy’ + ‘Valen’s Reef’

Multiple Occurrences

Presented by Conservation International 

Through the magic of virtual reality, journey with Conservation International to the Amazon, earth’s most biodiverse ecosystem, and into the crystal-clear waters of the Bird’s Head Seascape in Indonesia, the single greatest reservoir of marine life on the planet. Immerse yourself in the wonders of the Amazon rainforest in Under the Canopy, soaring over treetops and plunging into rivers as you explore one of earth’s most vital life support systems.. In Valen’s Reefdive into Indonesia’s Bird’s Head Seascape, threatened with ecological collapse, but being saved through an innovative conservation program.

Saturday, Mar 18 & 25 and Sun, Mar 19 & 26, ALL DAY – Carnegie Institution for Science

* FREE. No reservation required.


Under the Canopy is made possible with support from MacArthur Foundation with additional support from SC Johnson, Tiffany & Co. Foundation and HP, Inc. Valen’s Reef  is made possible with support from Tiffany & Co Foundation with additional support from glassybaby, and Vice.