Shorts Program: Views from Kosovo

Lumbardhi (4 min.)

This is the story of how a river that once used to epitomize purity and supply an entire town with clean water lost its glory due to modernization and development.


Directed by Andi Bilibani



The Spring in Summer (8 min.)

This short documentary captures the moments when we use the water fountain. It is a poetic and allegorical story about people, differences, connections, similarities. We all stop by the water fountain, even just for a moment, no matter where we come from or where we go. This is a story about all of us — young, old, happy or sad, angry or delighted, or just being thirsty. This is a story about the little moments of magic that happen there, at the fountain.


Directed by Edin Alija, Mila Radonjikj & Vanja Ristić



The Station (12 min.)

Discover the high mountains on either side of a small ship that breaks the quietness of this small part of the world.


Directed by Leart Rama



Post-screening discussion feat. Veton Nurkollari (Artistic Director, DokuFest) & Ferdi Limani (Photographer)

Films showing as part of this event