Shorts Program: Student Cinema

The Shrinking Sky

In the near future, Earth’s atmosphere is rapidly shrinking due to carbon dioxide emissions, and the planet will soon be uninhabitable. Ten-year-old Henry spends his days caring for his grief-stricken mother, but when he meets Alana, his nature-loving neighbor, he gains a new appreciation for the planet.


Directed by Hannah Silverman

(USA, 2019, 14 min.)



The Bride’s Tree

A 12-year-old boy is put in charge of watching over a 400-year-old tree, while life unfolds beneath. The reality of living close to the separation wall is mixed with stories of loss and love.


Directed by Shadi Habib Allah

(Israel, 2017, 18 min.)



Fate of a Mustang

Wild mustangs roam the American West, but their freedom, even existence, is threatened. This documentary uncovers the truth about these beautiful horses and highlights efforts to protect them.


Directed by Hyatt Mamoun

(USA, 2018, 18 min.)



Dust Rising

This film takes you on an eye-opening journey with dust from the microscopic to the global scale. Meet scientists on the cutting edge of dust research, as well as a couple whose lives have been dramatically altered by dust.


Directed by Lauren Schwartzman

(USA, 2018, 26 min.)



Post-screening discussion feat. Hyatt Mamoun (Director, Fate of a Mustang) & Hannah Silverman (Director, The Shrinking Sky)


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