Shorts Program: Narrative Film


The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating

When a woman is bedridden by a mysterious pathogen, a snail unexpectedly takes up residence on her nightstand. The connection between snail and woman deepens as they share a journey of survival and resilience in this intimate and surprising live-action true story. Together, their captivating and graceful explorations expand the boundaries of the bedroom.


Directed by Elisabeth Tova Bailey

(USA, 2019, 15 min.)



Empty Skies

A boy and his new friend hunt their village’s last sparrow for a reward to save his sick grandma during Communist China’s Great Leap Forward (1958-1961).


Directed by Wenting DengLuke Fisher

(USA, 2017, 19 min.)



The Open Door

It was an age-old custom in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan to keep the doors open, only closing it before bed. If doors were closed during the day, neighbors would become anxious. This short film follows the life of a girl, Pema, from infancy to adulthood, spanning over half a century. The film is divided into four chapters, each representing a season, roughly every two decades in the girl’s life.


Directed by Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk

(Bhutan, 2018, 15 min.)



Sides of a Horn

From Executive Producer Sir Richard Branson, this is the first film to tell the story of Africa’s poaching war from both sides of the fence. Based on actual events, and filmed in the townships and game reserves most directly impacted by wildlife crime, Sides of a Horn paints an unbiased portrait of a modern war that is tearing communities apart and driving a prehistoric species to the verge of extinction.


Directed by Toby Wosskow

(USA, 2019, 17 min.)



Post-screening discussion feat. Toby Wosskow (Director, Sides of a Horn), Jamyang Jamtsho Wangchuk (Director, The Open Door) & Elisabeth Tova Bailey (Director, The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating)


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