Shorts Program: Local Waterways

The Incredible Oyster Reef

Most of us who love the Chesapeake Bay know that oysters once existed in storied numbers, long before poor water quality, disease, and harvesting nearly put an end to them. This film explores oysters as a keystone species with a remarkable, and it seems, indispensable ability to heal the bay’s troubled waters.


Directed by Russ & Alison Nichols

(USA, 2017, 10 min.)



Shad Run

The American shad, a migratory fish, were once so abundant in the Potomac River that people said the river would “run silver” each spring. By the 1970s numbers were so low that even seasoned anglers went home empty-handed. Shad Run chronicles the abundance, demise, and quest to bring back America’s forgotten fish.


Directed by Becky HarlanBen Dorger

(USA, 2018, 26 min.)



On the Waterfront With Arthur Cotton Moore

This film centers on the development of the Georgetown Waterfront National Harbor and its architect, Arthur Cotton Moore. It touches on a variety of environmental approaches to waterfront development in the District of Columbia. A world-renowned architect who was in the forefront of new designs for a changing environment as early as the 1960s, Moore addresses the role that architecture plays in the evolving environment of Washington’s urban system.


Directed by Tim Persinko

(USA, 2019, 12 min.)



Healing Baltimore’s Harbor: A Pipe Dream?

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor is a source of pride for city residents, but every year millions of gallons of sewage seep into waterways that drain to the harbor, threatening anyone who comes in contact with the water. Is the Inner Harbor salvageable? The short answer is yes — but it is going to take a lot of work.


Directed by Sirjaut Kaur Dhaliwal & Crystal Berg

(USA, 2018, 27 min.)



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