Shorts Program: Journeys

For the Love of Salmon

Under a haze of wildfire smoke and with her ancestors watching from above, Keely Weget-Whitney steps into the frigid and fast-moving waters of the Fraser River with one goal in mind: make people care. Join the 25-year-old member of the Stl’atl’imx First Nation as she embarks on a 60-kilometer swim to bring awareness to the depletion of salmon and its impacts on her culture and the environment. “I just feel that if I care, a young Indigenous Stl’atl’imx mother, people will reflect on that, and they’ll say why am I not caring, what can I do for a change?” As she battles the strong current and her own self-doubt, Keely encourages us all to come together to make change.


Directed by Jan Vozenilek

(Canada, 2018, 8 min.)



Seldom Seen Sleight

When Ken Sleight first floated the Colorado River through southern Utah’s Glen Canyon in 1955, he recognized the canyon as a place where he could spend the rest of his life. Shortly thereafter, he left a comfortable desk job at the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company to start his own river guiding company. With plans for Glen Canyon Dam already in the works, however, he knew he was building his life around a condemned world.


Directed by Taylor Graham

(USA, 2018, 13 min.)



Space to Explore

On an outdoor adventure to the Mars-like terrain of Moab, Utah, Natalie Panek seeks to reconcile life’s stumbles, redirections, and challenges in her pursuit of space travel. Panek has spent her life focused on her biggest dream — to be the first to set foot on another planet. An aerospace engineer, a pilot, an influencer, an avid explorer, she has made it to the top 100 of astronaut candidates. Amidst sky-high arches and pinnacles, breathtaking views, and a canopy of stars, it’s easy to believe that all the adventure you need is right here on Earth.


Directed by Katherine DuBois

(USA, 2018, 14 min.)



The Passage

“In 1974,” the filmmaker recalls, “My 20-year-old parents and uncle Andy built their own canoes, launched them into the Pacific, and became some the first people in modern history to canoe from Washington to Alaska up the Inside Passage.” He continues, “My brother and I grew up paddling those wooden canoes in the Virginia rives and the 1974 adventure became legend in our family — shaping who we’ve become, how we view our parents, and how our parents view themselves. In the summer of 2017, we renovated those canoes and with our aging parents completed their 1974 journey. The Passage is a story about the dreams of aging brothers, fathers and sons, and the wild places that define us.”


Directed by Nathan Dappen

(USA, 2018, 25 min.)



(Only 3/17) Post-screening discussion feat. Katherine Dubois (Director, Space to Explore), Nathan Dappen (Director, The Passage) & Alan Dappen (Film Subject, The Passage)


Encore presentation: March 21


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