Shorts Program: Global Conservation

Did you miss your chance to check out the cinema at Eaton Hotel during the 2019 Festival? Now’s your chance with Eaton’s summer screening series of 2019 DCEFF encores. July’s screening is Global Conservation.


Scenes from a Dry City

An impending water crisis grips Cape Town, South Africa.


Directed by Francois Verster & Simon Wood

(South Africa, 2018, 13 min.)



The Black Mambas

Formed by a group of local black women from communities surrounding the Kruger National Park, the Black Mambas are South Africa’s first and only all-female anti-poaching unit, attempting to rescue their country’s threatened rhino population from the edge of extinction. With military training, yet unarmed, these women have reduced rhino poaching significantly in their area, but they know they may have won only a small, short-term battle in a much larger war. Their mission now is to take their work well beyond the reserve, to the schools and communities across South Africa, to empower and employ other women, educate children, and uplift underprivileged communities. Only then will they bring about lasting and sustainable change to their country.


Directed by Bruce Donnelly

(South Africa, 2018, 13 min.)



A Film about Animals (for my children to watch when they are older)

Winner of Best Short Film at the International Wildlife Film Festival, Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival, and the Animal Film Festival, this is the latest documentary from two-time Emmy-nominated filmmaker Eric Daniel Metzgar. After a sobering trip to film Cambodia’s disappearing wildlife and rain forests, a filmmaker struggles to know how and when to tell his young children about the destruction of the natural world. He decides to tell his children the truth of what he has witnessed in a filmed “letter” that they should watch when they are older. The film reveals the work of the Wildlife Rapid Rescue Team. These armed Cambodian government soldiers investigate the illegal wildlife trade and strictly enforce the national policy that no animals may be taken from the wild.


Directed by Eric Daniel Metzgar

(USA, 2018, 12 min.)



Poachers and Protectors: The Story of Scarlet Macaws in Honduras

In the dangerous La Moskitia region of Honduras, poachers seek out the chicks and eggs of wild scarlet macaws. Their goal: sell them in the lucrative illegal pet trade. To counter the traffickers, brave community members have united to patrol and protect the nests, recognizing that in some ways, their own fates are tied to those of the birds. This film puts a spotlight on the wildlife trafficking crisis in Latin America and introduces us to some of the heroes who are willing to risk it all for these iconic birds.


Directed by Christi Lowe

(USA, 2018, 8 min.)



Field in Focus: Tracking Elephants

Follow scientists as they track endangered elephants in Myanmar with GPS collars. The more they learn about how Asian elephants travel and move through the landscape, the better they can protect them.


Directed by Roshan Patel

(USA, 2019, 5 min.)




Illegal logging is a threat to the world’s forests and to the many people who rely on them. This film follows a group of musicians to the Peruvian Amazon to listen to the stories of indigenous leaders and to learn how consumer choices directly impact forest communities. Featuring James Valentine of Maroon 5, Stefan Lessard of Dave Matthews Band, Adam Gardner of Guster, and singer/songwriter KT Tunstall.


Directed by Steve Ellington

(USA, 2018, 30 min.)