Shorts Program: Field in Focus


Presenting the films of Roshan Patel, media producer for Smithsonian’s National Zoo and Conservation Biologist. The screenings will be followed by a discussion featuring the director, Roshan Patel, Shifra Goldenberg (International Project Manager, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute/Research Fellow, Institute for Conservation Research, San Diego Zoo Global), & Jennifer Kishbaugh (Research Associate, Global Health Program, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute).


Field in Focus: Predicting Pandemics (2 min.)

Smithsonian researchers partner with experts in Myanmar studying human and animal health to find out what diseases are present in wildlife and whether they could pose a threat to humans. This film shows how these scientists sample wildlife and work with communities to prevent the spread of disease.



Field in Focus: Human-Elephant Conflict (4 min.)

Humans and elephants are increasingly living in the same places, which can lead to significant challenges. Tracking technology may be able to provide solutions that allow for people and elephant to thrive with fewer conflicts.



Field in Focus: Tracking Elephants (5 min.)

Follow scientists as they track endangered elephants in Myanmar with GPS collars. The more they learn about how Asian elephants travel and move through the landscape, the better they can protect them.



Field in Focus: Elephant Poaching (4 min.)

Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute scientists are tracking Asian elephants in Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady region using GPS collars. Though they set out to understand how elephants use the land, their research has also revealed a troubling rise in poaching. Unlike African elephants, Asian elephants are poached for their skin and meat — making males, females, and calves equal targets. Conservation efforts in Myanmar are shifting to stop this urgent threat.