Shorts Program: 2019 Moe Award

Carnegie Institution for Science
12:00pm, March 24th

Shorts program featuring the Eric Moe Award for Best Short on Sustainability Winner and finalists:


Lost World (Winner)

As Singapore dredges sand out from beneath Cambodia’s mangrove forests, the threat of erasure looms over an ecosystem, a communal way of life, and one woman’s relationship to her beloved home.


Directed by Kalyanee Mam

(USA, 2018, 16 min.)




On Colombia’s Pacific Coast, a mother teaches her daughter Dulce how to swim. It is an essential skill in this remote region, where livelihoods are made on the sea and where rising tides, made worse by climate change, have swept entire villages away in recent years. Overcoming her fear of the water is just one element of Dulce’s budding awareness of her natural and cultural surroundings.


Directed by Angello Faccini & Guille Isa

(USA/Colombia, 2018, 10 min.)




Quietly, patiently, trees endure. They are the oldest living beings we come to know during our time on earth. They provide our shelter, our fuel, our companionship, and — in some cases — our divinity. They are living bridges into our planet’s enormous past, their obscure stories written into their rings over centuries and even millennia. Treeline takes us to the enshrined cypress groves of Japan, the towering red cedars of British Columbia, and the ancient bristlecone pines of Nevada, following a handful of skiers, snowboarders, scientists, and healers as they move among these giants and explore a connection older than humanity.


Directed by Jordan Manley

(USA, 2018, 40 min.)



(3/21 Only) Post-screening discussion feat. Kalyanee Mam (Director, Lost World). Moderated by Greg McGruder (Vice-President, National Geographic’s Public Programs)


Encore presentation: March 24

Films showing as part of this event

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