Shorts Program: Community Partners

The Heartbeat (World Premiere)

In Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, salmon is culturally and economically significant. The Heartbeat tells the story of how the landscape is connected to salmon and salmon connected to people. Produced by Smithsonian Global.


Directed by Danny Schmidt

(USA, 2020, 10 min.)



Perempuan (D.C. Premiere)

All people, regardless of gender, should enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections. Meet the women who are standing up for their right to protect the ocean in Conservation International’s original video Perempuan. Produced by Conservation International.


Directed by Katie Bryden

(Indonesia, 2018, 8 min.)



Women on a Mission (D.C. Premiere)

A young Indigenous woman sets out to document the traditional knowledge of the older women in her community — helping revive nearly forgotten customs as they work to restore their forest after decades of destruction. Produced by Conservation International.


Directed by Katie Bryden

(Peru, 2018, 5 min.)



Protecting the Birds of Black River Gorges (World Premiere)

The Mauritius kestrel and the echo parakeet were two of the rarest birds in the world, but after decades of conservation efforts, they’re now making a comeback: just a few surviving individuals have turned into hundreds. And while these birds are only found in Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius, the dedicated efforts to bring them back from the brink is a hopeful example for the world, showing us that it’s never too late to act. Produced by National Geographic.


Executive produced by Vanessa Serrao

(USA, 2019, 8 min.)



Saving the Javan Rhino of Ujung Kulon (World Premiere)

The Javan rhino is the rarest rhino in the world, and it takes a dedicated and coordinated effort to ensure the survival of this elusive and majestic species. But the task is much more than a day job. Rangers and local community members spend weeks at a time in the forest, patrolling, monitoring, and protecting the rhinos’ remaining habitat in Ujung Kulon National Park, Indonesia. Produced by Conservation International.


Executive produced by Vanessa Serrao

(USA, 2019, 8 min.)



Stories from the Blue: Million Waves Project (D.C. Premiere)

“What if doing something was better than doing nothing?” That’s the question that sparked the Million Waves Project, which works with Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary to turn marine debris into 3D-printed prosthetic limbs. Watch our Stories from the Blue to hear how the project is making a difference for people and the oceans. Produced by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Directed by Shannon Shikles

(USA, 2020, 6 min.)



Homecoming: Journey to Limuw (D.C. Premiere)

Each year the Chumash people take an annual journey back to their historical village site on Limuw, now present day Santa Cruz Island. Come along as we see, hear, and feel each pull of their paddles, symbolic of how the Chumash people are keeping their traditions alive. Produced by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


Directed by Nick Zachar

(USA, 2020, 15 min.)



Spawning Hope (D.C. Premiere)

Coral biologists are concerned about the genetic health of many endangered coral. This short film follows a team of scientists as they attempt to use cryopreserved coral sperm to introduce coral DNA to new populations of elkhorn coral. If this technique works, it could have lasting impacts on how conservationists are able to protect and restore endangered coral species from near extinction. Produced by Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute.


Directed by Roshan Patel

(USA, 2019, 10 min.)