Shorts Program: Alumni Spotlight

Under Her Wings

Compassion can take you by surprise. Toni Lance came to St. Croix as a young artist, expecting to discover and express the beauty of the island. She never anticipated the heart connection she would develop with the island birds, and how many she would take “under her wing.” This short documentary explores Toni’s passion as an artist and her life as a caretaker for wild birds.


Directed by Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath

(USA, 2018, 35 min.)


The Elephant’s Song

An old farm dog recounts the true tale of Old Bet, the elephant at the start of the American circus. This mournful, handcrafted film uses oil pastel as well as painterly clay-on-glass animation techniques.


Directed by Lynn Tomlinson

(USA, 2018, 8 min.)


An Island Out of Time

This documentary about Smith Island, MD, features Mary Ada and Dwight Marshall, whose lives personify the Chesapeake Bay’s seafood-harvesting culture and history, and their four children, who chose to break with that tradition. The film, like Tom Horton’s 1996 book of the same name, is both a celebration and elegy for a place beset with erosion, dwindling population, and vanishing economic opportunities.


Directed by Sandy Cannon-Brown & David Harp

(USA, 2018, 25 min.)


Post-screening discussion feat. Elizabeth Herzfeldt-Kamprath (Director, Under Her Wings), Toni Lance (Film Subject, Under Her Wings/Artist/Bird Rehabilitator), Tom Horton (Writer, An Island Out of Time)



Films showing as part of this event